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The "Bourakis" restaurant is the ideal place either to enjoy the authentic Cretan cuisine with your company and will be happy with the flavors and the atmosphere that we offer or to host your event such as baptism, wedding, etc .


Our Secret!

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When we asked our friends what kind of cooking they prefer, they said they like the simple food that you enjoy, making them feel "at home".
The dishes contained in our menu come from a traditional, homemade style created by people who cook using simple cooking equipment, fresh ingredients and simple cooking methods.
These are our longstanding favorites and some of our latest discoveries.

We hope you enjoy your meal!

- George - Maria

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Monday13:30 — 23:00
Wednesday13:30 — 23:00
Thursday13:30 — 23:00
Friday15:00 — 23:00
Saturday13:00 — 0:00
Sunday13:00 — 21:00

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